Bridging The Advice Gap?

There is much discussion of the ‘advice gap’ whereby individuals without large amounts of investable wealth cans struggle to access high quality financial advice at reasonable cost.

But advice should and needs to be accessible to the wider population. The key is to deliver at scale and with an efficient process that makes it affordable.

A great case study is the roll out by the Skipton Building Society of a new advice proposition aimed at making consistent and reliable advice accessible to a wider audience.

The proposition is supported by a bespoke system built for Skipton by Focus Solutions. The system allows customers to self-serve many aspects of the fact finding and advice process, allowing the adviser to focus on engaging the customer and delivering the advice.

We enjoyed this short video that provides an overview of the Skipton proposition and how Focus Solutions were able to support it.

Our risk questionnaire has a walk on part in the video. See if you can spot it.

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