How do savers think about risk? A2Risk, Santander and Moody’s Survey

A2Risk’s questionnaire was used in the February 2014 study “How do savers think about and respond to risk? Evidence from a population survey and lessons for the investment industry” which was sponsored by Moody’s Analytics and Santander Asset Management.

The key findings of the study are:

  • Half the population saves regularly, but only 1 in 3 prioritise long-term saving
  • ‘Reckless conservatism’ and boxed-in thinking can lead to savings shortfalls
  • Short-term savings edge out long-term wealth plans
  • Only 6% of investors said they would tolerate investment losses of more than 20%
  • Fund managers need to take more steps to respond to investor risk concerns
  • Advisers need to help investors understand risk and savings pots holistically

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