How We Work: CTC Drawdown Advice

Since ‘pension freedom’ was introduced in 2016, deciding what to do with pension savings at retirement has become a crucial but often difficult decision. We partnered with CTC Software to integrate our risk profiling tool into its Retirement Hub solution for financial advisers.

“A2Risk and CTC have strong intellectual property. Together, we complement each other and that’s a great message for clients that want to get moving quickly on decumulation.”

Philip Hodges, commercial director at CTC Software

CTC case study: Download full case study (PDF)

CTC Retirement Hub: Pensions drawdown advice

Our dedicated decumulation tool is designed to help advisers and their clients make decisions around risk and investment when individuals decide to take a pension income.

This became even more important after 2016, when the government scrapped the requirement for savers to buy an annuity – opening up more options, but also making the at-retirement process more complex.

CTC Software provides technology solutions to wealth managers, insurers, and other pensions and investment firms. It developed a specific solution, the Retirement Hub, to help these companies serve savers as they approached and entered retirement.

After initially leaving it up to their clients to provide their own risk and suitability tools, CTC chose to partner with A2Risk to develop a tool within the Retirement Hub to make it a complete offering.

Our previous work with Vanguard and Royal London had led to the development of a specialist decumulation risk profiling tool, so we were a natural fit with CTC’s needs.

We were also able to adapt the Attitude to Risk Questionnaire to fit the Retirement Hub at a price model that did not affect the affordability of CTC’s offering. We can quickly and efficiently develop bespoke questionnaires that are properly tested, and we can adapt our modules to fit with different kinds of software.

For more information about the different versions of the questionnaire and how we can help you serve your clients better, see the links below.

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