Risk profiling for financial advisers

Assessing a client’s attitude to risk is a vital first step in the advice process.

The Financial Conduct Authority has placed a high level of importance on client suitability, so being able to clearly show how you have assessed this – including understanding their attitude to risk – is essential when the regulator comes calling.

At A2Risk, we have developed a robust and rigorously tested set of questionnaires to do this, and have tailored them to suit individuals at various stages of their investment journey.

Our tools can be integrated into financial planning systems and customer-facing websites. If you need help developing a digital solution for assessing risk, just ask us and we can assist you.

We offer different types of licences depending on the size and nature of your company. Our tailored solutions are usually best suited to larger firms and networks, while other clients find it more cost effective to access our tools through one of our existing technology providers. We can also provide risk profiling tools for markets outside the UK.

We have worked with many kinds of advice firms, and you can read more in the use cases listed here.

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